Heaven's Disciples

Heaven's Disciples HD LogoMy name's Rodney Burutsa, my music artist and producer name is Insight Disciple, and I'm the founder of Heaven's Disciples. The business was founded in January of 2010 as an incorporated limited liability company in the state of Ohio.

Heaven's Disciples® is a multimedia company featuring entertainment in music, books, comic books, games, and films. Although we have various divisions, our music label is the heartbeat of the company and our book publishing label is the mind of the business where all of our fictional stories come from.

All of our storylines exist inside a cohesive fictional universe that spans a few thousand years. Although there will be separate storylines in our novels, comics, games, and films, some storylines will intersect within this space opera and fictional universe.

Goshen Island, an ongoing apocalyptic series, will be at the center of the storylines in the Heaven's Disciples Universe. I'm currently world building the Heaven's Disciples Universe, a fictional world for  writing my novels, designing the tabletop card games, developing the first video game, creating the first comic book, producing the soundtracks, and designing t-shirts, hats, and merchandise based on the storyline.

Our products will be franchised across the various company divisions– our novels will be translated into comic books; volumes of these comic books will be published as graphic novels; the storylines will be turned into tabletop card games, mobile and social media games, computer games, and video console games; our novels will also be released as short films and full-feature movies; and our music artists will release soundtracks for our games and films.

We also provide Heaven's Disciples t-shirts, clothing accessories, company merchandise, and business-to-business solutions such as website hosting and development, graphic design and printing, audio engineering, and video editing.

As a way of giving back, 10% of our profits will go to our private foundation to support our chosen charity organizations, disaster relief efforts, and other non-profit organizations.

Heaven's Disciples is an independent multimedia entertainment company that publishes inspirational, creative, imaginative, innovative, and visionary artworks that cross various entertainment industries. Subscribe to our social media channels to get the latest news on our music, books, comic books, games, and film releases.