The Heaven’s Disciples Vision in 2015

hd-logo_black_800x800.300dpiMy name’s Rodney Burutsa and I’m the owner of Heaven’s Disciples, a Christian urban entertainment movement. My vision is that of an entertainment company with divisions for each form of entertainment: be it urban music, books, comic books and graphic novels, films, and varies kinds of games (card games, social media games, mobile app games, and video games). I also want to provide company merchandise and fashion (our clothing label).

How we plan to grow is by financing the next division with the divisions we are currently operating in. Our record label is our main division at Heaven’s Disciples Music. My hope is that we can use music sales to finance the next division, Heaven’s Disciples Publishing, our book publishing label (for both fiction and non-fiction).

Everyday, I take notes and plan for the divisions that are not active as of yet. All of our divisions fall under the entertainment umbrella. That being said, my vision is for the divisions to work together as one body. For example, I’m writing an outline for an apocalyptic series of books called Goshen Island. I want the series to become a franchise throughout all of our divisions, so they compliment each other:

There will be spin-offs of the Goshen Island series, as some characters become popular with our audiences. This will open up new avenues for the Goshen Island Universe. A single favored character could end up with his or her own novels, comic books, graphic novels, games, films, and much more.

We also look forward to forging new ministry partnerships and recruiting people to our team.