Heaven’s Disciples in 2015

Heaven's Disciples HD LogoHeaven’s Disciples represents the Christian urban entertainment movement. In 2015, we will be releasing new music, creating and sharing content on our network of blog sites, and providing products and services that benefit our core audience. We are going to introduce social networking features on some of our websites to help our fanbase engage with our brand and others within the Christian urban entertainment tribe.

Heaven’s Disciples Music

Heaven’s Disciples Publishing

  • Heaven’s Disciples Publishing is going to publish both fiction and non-fiction books, ebooks, and audio books related to the Christian urban entertainment movement.

Heaven’s Disciples Media

  • Heaven’s Disciples Media provides Web and desktop services. This division of our business is a full feature service provider for all your online business needs.
  • Web Hosting and Servers provides domain name registration and Web hosting solutions. In partnership with our vendor, we have shared servers, virtual private servers (VPS), semi-dedicated servers, and dedicated servers to accommodate all needs. Our vendor provides 24/7/365 customer support service with an average waiting time of 20 minutes.
  • Website Design and Templates is going to host WordPress themes and plugins for your Web design and development needs.
  • Graphic Design and Prints provides graphic design services in-house and full-color printing services from our vendor.
  • Internet Marketing Stream is going to have published articles to help you build, market, and promote your presence online. We are also going to publish information products on this site.

We are going to release a lot Heaven’s Disciples products and content to our fanbase this year. Subscribe to our social media channels to get all of the updates!