Christian Urban Entertainment

Urban Entertainment and Culture

Heaven's Disciples HD LogoHeaven’s Disciples® (HD) is a multimedia-based company featuring Christian urban entertainment in music, comics, PC video games, machinima films, and books. HD has been set up as a digital company with HD Team members joining from various parts of the world. We are all united by one vision: clean, high-quality entertainment that gives glory to God and promotes the Gospel message.

Computer and Internet TechnologyWe are now in the Information Age, and technology has changed how business is conducted forever. Small businesses can now compete online with large corporations. Widespread Internet access, affordable personal computers, multimedia hardware and software, music instruments, mobile devices, and electronic gadgets have reshaped the business landscape. The Internet allows for networking and collaboration between people across the globe that otherwise would not have been possible.

HollywoodSecular entertainment, for the most part, has become so polluted that some of their audiences are looking for alternatives. Socially conscious and religious music has begun to gain market shares within the urban music industry. Christian films have shown to be commercial successes. The Christian comic book and video game industries remain virtually untapped, with only a few players in the mix. There is a market for Christian entertainment; and Heaven’s Disciples is here to fill in that gap. Christian urban entertainment is what the audience has been thirsting for.

Urban Music

Heaven's Disciples Home Studio (2011)Christian urban music has substance, yet does not have to compromise on quality. Even mainstream secular artists are using beats (instrumentals) produced by independent music producers with home studios. The times have changed for the music industry. Anyone that has a computer with a good sound card, USB or MIDI music instruments, broadband Internet access, and a desire to learn how to make use of all of these resources can get into the music game.

Light of the WorldThere is a share of the urban music audience that is sick and tired of being mentally, emotionally, and spiritually poisoned by urban music that promotes a culture of sin and death. It is no wonder that gun violence has broken the floodgates of morality and flooded into our schools, movie theaters, shopping malls, and other public places. Music alone is obviously not to blame for these cultural issues, but unclean entertainment does not help either.

Heaven’s Disciples Music hopes to bring the Light to shine in a world that is increasingly dimming into the darkness of love grown cold. Our music has substance; it speaks on life without sugar-coating any issues. HD Music is entertainment our audience can relate to. We hope to spread good music with a great message wherever we can.

Comic Books

Heaven's Disciples ComicsHeaven’s Disciples Comics will create and publish comic books with fictional characters that bring attention to Biblical themes, events, and parables. Both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible have a lot of great entertaining and educational stories embedded within the pages. HD Comics will mirror some of the characters and life lessons from these stories. All fictional and Biblical characters from HD Comics will have descriptive Wiki encyclopedia pages on the Heaven’s Disciples Universe site. We are currently looking for artists to partner with to create these comic books.

PC Video Games

Heaven's Disciples GamesHeaven’s Disciples Games will develop and publish PC video games with fictional characters that promote Biblical themes, events, and lessons. Most of our fictional video game characters will be characters from HD Comics, HD Pictures, and HD Publishing. All characters from our video games will have detailed Wiki encyclopedia pages on the Heaven’s Disciples Universe site. HD Games will use UDK (Unreal Developer’s Kit) to develop these video games. We are currently looking for video game developers to partner with to create these PC video games.

Machinima Films

Heaven's Disciples PicturesHeaven’s Disciples Pictures will create computer-animated films through machinima filming on the Second Life virtual world platform. Most of our fictional machinima film characters will be the same as the ones from HD Comics, HD Games, and HD Publishing. All characters from our movies will have detailed Wiki encyclopedia pages on the Heaven’s Disciples Universe site. We are currently looking for Second Life virtual world users that have have an interest in machinima films.

Urban Fashion

Heaven’s Disciples Wear is a clothing label featuring Christian urban fashion. Our clothing designs promote the Word of God and the Gospel message. All of our clothing is available for sale in our online store. We are always coming up with new designs to add to our clothing store catalog. Visit our online store to buy some urban t-shirts and represent the Heaven’s Disciples brand!

Christian Fiction Novels

Heaven’s Disciples Publishing will release books featuring fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, and graphic novels with Christian themes. Most of the fictitious book characters will be shared with HD Comics, HD Games, and HD Pictures. All characters from our books will have detailed Wiki encyclopedia pages on the Heaven’s Disciples Universe site. We are currently looking for creative writers that have have an interest in Christian fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, and graphic novels.

Heaven’s Disciples Team

We have a method set in place of how we recruit new talent, as the Lord has revealed to us. We have to get to know you online for a few months before we can pray about and consider inviting you onto the Heaven’s Disciples Team. The number of months begin on the day that you join the HD Team social network.