Entertainment Divisions

Heaven’s Disciples®

Heaven’s Disciples® is a multimedia entertainment company featuring books, comics, films, games, music, merchandise, and clothing.

Heaven’s Disciples Publishing

Heaven’s Disciples Publishing is a book publisher featuring nonfictional multimedia instructional and reference guides and fictional novels, stories, and characters from an apocalyptic cohesive fictional universe.

Fictional Books and Novels
Exo-Frames Novels

Atlantica Island Novels

Atlantica City Novels

Atlantica World Novels

Fiction Reference Guides Non-Fictional Books
 Heaven’s Disciples Universe Books Disciple’s Guides

Heaven’s Disciples Comics

Heaven’s Disciples Comics is a comic book studio and publisher featuring comic books, graphic novels, and web comics with stories and characters from an apocalyptic cohesive fictional universe.

Comic Books, Graphic Novels, and Web Comics
Exo-Frames Comics

Atlantica Island Comics

Atlantica City Comics

Atlantica World Comics

Heaven’s Disciples Films

Heaven’s Disciples Films is an independent film production and publishing label with stories and characters from an apocalyptic cohesive fictional universe.

Movies, Short Films, and Webisodes
Exo-Frames Films

Atlantica Island Films

Atlantica City Films

Atlantica World Films

Heaven’s Disciples Games

Heaven’s Disciples Games is a game development studio and publisher featuring PC, console, app, and tabletop card games from an apocalyptic cohesive fictional universe.

PC, Console, App, and Tabletop Card Games
Exo-Frames Games

Atlantica Island Games

Atlantica City Games

Atlantica World Games

Heaven’s Disciples Music

Heaven’s Disciples Music is the premier independent record label featuring lifecore rap music by our in-house talent of music artists and producers.

Music Artists
Insight Disciple The King’s Disciple

Rap and Hip Hop Beats provides music production and licensing services. Our music is published through Heaven’s Disciples Music Publishing (BMI).

Music Producers
Insight Disciple

Heaven’s Disciples Store

Heaven’s Disciples Store provides Heaven’s Disciples, HD Music, and HD Universe merchandise, including our brand design bags, bathroom accessories, bedding, drinkware, home decor, laptop sleeves, office accessories, phone cases, pillows, posters, towels, and holiday items.

Heaven’s Disciples, HD Music, and HD Universe Merchandise
Bathroom Accessories Bedding
Drinkware Home Decor Laptop Sleeves
Phone Cases Pillows and Accessories
Posters Towels

Heaven’s Disciples Wear

Heaven’s Disciples Wear is a clothing label with our brand design t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, tank tops, caps, hats, shoes, boots, dresses, skirts, swimwear, and accessories.

Clothing, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Tank Tops, Caps, Hats, Shoes, Swimwear, and Accessories
Boys’ Wear
Girls’ Wear Toddlers’ Wear Babies’ Wear